Friday, February 15, 2013

New Packaging and Big News!

I have been making soap daily! Getting ready for a show in March and now, I am selling my soap at a local shop called Peonies & Possibilities!

I am thrilled to get my soap into a shop, and it really was just happenstance! If you are local, please support this very charming local business! I love the shop and the owner. I hope the local Beaverton people support this fantastic shop!

I have adjusted my packaging. I have a new logo, which is stamped on my label. I love it! Artist Jason Lenox, who created the lion and rose illustration, is the best! I think it really adds to the look of the packaging.

I am also now using strips of burlap instead of scrapbook paper to package. My twine has changed too. I use to use hemp twine, but it is too stiff to work with. I now use baker's twine for my bakery scented soaps and burlap thread for the other soaps. I hope to keep improving the packaging, but I am happy with the results. Any other ideas on how I can improve things? I am always looking for creative input.

I am also tweaking my soap making. In allow some soaps to go full gel and others not to, I learn so much with each batch. I have thrown out about 3 batches recently because I am a perfectionist! Folks, soap making can be really difficult. and frustrating!!!

I have battled Plumeria recently. I love the fragrance, but it moves so fast! I can't manage any decent artistic design, so I am sticking with a basic bar. I had 2 batches that I was not keen on before I made a batch I felt comfortable selling. Good news is that I sold a whole loaf to a friend! Yeah!


  1. Congrats on your soap being in a shop, that's great! =)

    1. Thanks! Her shop is near our local farmer's market, and she wants to appeal to that crowd. Are there any Bramble Berry fragrance oils that you think would appeal strongly to an agricultural farmer's market?

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  3. A lion holding a rose is a very cute and sophisticated logo indeed! The color scheme and lines are very fitting for your company. I would've preferred adding a second color to give it a bit of character though, but I get the theme that you were aiming to get. Good job! Good luck to your business!

    -Emedia Creative

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