Thursday, September 13, 2012

Business Card!

I made my first business card so that I have them to give away at the Christmas Bazaar. Oh yeah....I got a table at the Garden Home Rec. Center's Christmas Bazaar. Apparently, it is a difficult craft show to get into, so I am thrilled! I am just waiting for my soap supplies to arrive so I can make some awesome soaps to sell!

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Logo and Packaging

Here we go again! This should be a design site, not a soap site! So, the good news is that I got into the local Christmas Bazaar that I was hoping too. That makes this much more real and I need to make cost effective, yet attractive packaging. I have designed a cigar band that will go around the soap. The colors may change, but I like the basic design, so I think I will stick with this. I tried to have Christmasy colors, but like I said, these will probably change. All in all, I like it! Yeah! This should be a cheap and easy packaging solution.

Also, there is a new logo. All the fonts are the same, but I simplified the frame. I think this looks better.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Newest Logo

Here are a few prototypes for my newest logo. As a former graphic designer, I am a bit obsessed with this part. I want to give the logo a classic, timeless feeling. I tend to gravitate towards vintage inspired looks, and this style goes well with the name Lion and Rose, so I think this will be it! I plan to hand write the individual soap bar names to save on cost, plus, I think it adds to the hand crafted look of the soap.

Cloud Soap

Wow! This soap smells amazing! It's made with a fragrance oil called Fresh Snow, but I think it smells like fresh laundry....very clean.

When I started making this soap, I was trying to make a peak in the center to resemble a mountain. The idea was to make a snowy mountain since the scent is called Fresh Snow.  When my husband Joe saw the bars, he said they looked like clouds, which I thought was awesome, since they smell more like fresh air than fresh snow. Yeah for happy accidents!

With this technique, I use a line of cocoa powder to distinguish between the 2 layers. I learned about this technique from one of my favorite soap artists, Emily, from Shieh Design Studio. Please check out her is amazing!:

I am considering naming this one Ozone since it is described as an ozone type scent.