Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soap Crazy!

Sandalwood with Goat's Milk
Spearmint Grapefruit! Smells like mint gum!
Coconut Lime Verbena
Vanilla Select
Mayan Gold Plumeria. Smells AMAZING!
I have been making soap like crazy for my Christmas craft show on December 1st. I have been keeping things tame and haven't been experimenting much. I am super excited and hope that I can sell most of my soaps so I can make more!!! I LOVE soap making and am focusing on solid recipes, good scents and well crafted bars. I love the artsy side of soap making, but I want to master making a good smelling, pretty bar before I go too crazy! I do have some more experimental bars that will be at the show as well. Loving this time of year! Now I only have a few days left to make soap and then I have to be patient and let them cure!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Rose turns 2!

The "Rose" of Lion and Rose turned 2! My Somerset Rose has been such a joy to us! She loves smelling my soaps. Sometimes she gets a little yo involved. Yesterday, right after I finished the final details of my Christmas tree soap and was taking photos, she dropped a huge blob of play dough right in the mold. I was not happy, but it was my fault for letting her get that close since soap is so caustic initially. Luckily I snapped the photos before the accident, so I have record of what it did look like. I was able to make a pretty good recovery though, and will post more photos once the soap is cut.

A big shout out to Anne-Marie of Bramble Berry who actually made a comment on my blog! This absolutely made my day since I have bought almost every soap making supply from Bramble Berry, including all the fixed oils, fragrance oil and colorants used in the soap above!!! I love Bramble Berry!

Another shout out to the lady on Craig's List who tired making soap once after purchasing over $500 worth of equipment. Her loss is my gain because I got an amazing selection of new molds, books, oils, a scale, lye etc. for $100! I am over the moon about this purchase!!!