Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Soap Crazy!

Sandalwood with Goat's Milk
Spearmint Grapefruit! Smells like mint gum!
Coconut Lime Verbena
Vanilla Select
Mayan Gold Plumeria. Smells AMAZING!
I have been making soap like crazy for my Christmas craft show on December 1st. I have been keeping things tame and haven't been experimenting much. I am super excited and hope that I can sell most of my soaps so I can make more!!! I LOVE soap making and am focusing on solid recipes, good scents and well crafted bars. I love the artsy side of soap making, but I want to master making a good smelling, pretty bar before I go too crazy! I do have some more experimental bars that will be at the show as well. Loving this time of year! Now I only have a few days left to make soap and then I have to be patient and let them cure!


  1. Your spearmint grapefruit soap looks very spa like!

  2. I lOVE this one. Not super artsy like your creations, but everyone who smells it loves it.