Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Making Natural Deodorant is not the Pitts!

I have recently made the change to all-natural deodorant because of the health risks involved with using antiperspirants and their link to breast cancer due to harmful chemicals that stop sweat. Inhibiting the natural production of sweat has always seemed like a bad idea to me, but when I started making my own soap, I  became much more aware of the products I used and switching to natural deodorant seemed like a no brainer.

I started buying Ava Anderson Deodorant, which I love, but it was so expensive, and as a maker, I was dying to start formulating my own.

I also bought a kit from the lovely owners of Handcrafted Honey Bee to get a feel for the process, and although I liked their recipe and ingredients, I wanted something more like the Ava Anderson Deodorant that I had fallen in love with. I started tirelessly researching recipes and ingredients, and came up with an initial recipe that I like. It Includes the following ingredients:

Baking Soda and Arrowroot Powder: Are used for their odor-eliminating properties.

Coconut Oil: This healing ingredient contains Vitamin E and has anti-aging properties. It naturally protects your skin from microbial infections.

Beeswax: Beeswax is the leftover part of a bees hive after the bees have produced their honey and moved on. This ingredient provides protection against irritants, while still allowing the skin to breathe. It contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral benefits.

Shea Butter: This ingredient provides your skin with the essential fatty acids that help make collagen. Shea butter is also naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, F and offers a UV protection of SPF 6

Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter is the best salvation for people who have sensitive skin. Cocoa butter moisturizers are good at protecting skin from heat, healing such diseases as eczema and other problems.

Kaolin Clay:
Adds extra dryness protection. It will help at whisking away sweat and drying it up before it reaches your clothes.

Probiotic Capsules: Help the immune system and eliminate bad bacteria, which is a major cause of body odor.

I also used a blend of essential oil combos, which smell lovely and aid in odor control.

I have selected 10 random people to test my initial recipe and then will make changes based n their feedback.

It is amazing how much personal satisfaction I have derived from playing a mad scientist in my test kitchen! It shines a light of the fact that I am a born maker and creative person and am so thrilled to be making safe and natural products that enhance people's lives and sense of well-being. I have found my happy place, one deodorant tube at a time!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Soap Curing Dream

Elegant Solution

My not so glamorous solutions

Shelving above the Toilet
Curing soap in the Linen Closet
Above the Laundry

Folks, the soap has officially taken over! Like many other soap makers, I have soap all over the house. The house smells great, but the soap is taking over! What I really need is a new house, complete with a finished basement devoted just to soap making. That simply can't happen yet, so I need to get creative.

My soap storage solutions have been to find little pockets of space throughout the house for soap curing. The linen closet, above the laundry area, my closet, the storage above the toilet etc, has all been taken over by my increasing supply of soap inventory. Yikes!

I love BΛTHVS solution to soap curing...make it into an art piece. How beautiful is this? I have always though that curing soap was quite pretty, and it would also be constantly changing, which is so interesting. I love this idea and may have to incorporate it into my home decor!

What are your solutions for soap curing? Baker's Racks, specialty soap curing racks, cardboard boxes? I'd love to know what other soapers do.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Indie Cruise 2016

These people are amazing!

Ready for the White Party!

The 2 JoAnns. How I love these ladies!

Me and Dawn Fitch of  Pooka Pure and Natural

Jen from Klean Spa

Me and Anne-Marie

Me and Donna Maria

Me and Margaret Helm-Duell of  Mohea Natural Beauty

Me, Anne-Marie and Donna Maria. This will be framed!

I recently returned from Cancun from  a trip with other makers on Indie Cruise 2016, (which was actually at an all-inclusive resort) and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have always admired Donna Maria Coles-Johnson and consider her a mentor. She is the mastermind behind the incredible Indie Business Network, which I joined in January 2015. After hearing so much about the Cruise, and the speakers and supportive maker community, I decided to make it a priority to be a part of this annual trip. With the support of my wonderful husband, who took a week off from work to watch the kids, I was on my way to Cancun to soak up all the knowledge and wisdom I could from the other makers and business owners.

Bramble Berry's Anne-Marie Faoila was a guest speaker at the event. As Donna Maria expresses, "her presentation and workshop on life planning and productivity was a special highlight of the trip." Meeting and getting to know Anne-Marie was an amazing experience. She posted about the trip on her blog, in which she shared key information shared by our speakers.  Please take a moment to read her takeaways from the trip.

I was able to meet the owner of the awesome Etta and Billie, whose soap I love so much Alana was as adorable and personable as I could have imagined She is so full of life and has so much charisma. The products she creates, along with the vibe of her business has  always fascinated me.

I could go on and on about each maker. As Anne-Marie proclaimed, "We are all special snowflakes." Yes indeed! All of these makes were special, creative and vibrant spirits! I am so blessed to have met them and am ready to take on 2016!

If ever you get the chance to be a part of this annual event, I strongly encourage you to go, Being around other makers, in a supportive and inspiring environment was an experience of a lifetime. Next year, plans are underway to visit the Dominican Republic and I certainly want to reconnect with my new maker friends. Are you game? I'd love for you to join me!