Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Soap Curing Dream

Elegant Solution

My not so glamorous solutions

Shelving above the Toilet
Curing soap in the Linen Closet
Above the Laundry

Folks, the soap has officially taken over! Like many other soap makers, I have soap all over the house. The house smells great, but the soap is taking over! What I really need is a new house, complete with a finished basement devoted just to soap making. That simply can't happen yet, so I need to get creative.

My soap storage solutions have been to find little pockets of space throughout the house for soap curing. The linen closet, above the laundry area, my closet, the storage above the toilet etc, has all been taken over by my increasing supply of soap inventory. Yikes!

I love BΛTHVS solution to soap curing...make it into an art piece. How beautiful is this? I have always though that curing soap was quite pretty, and it would also be constantly changing, which is so interesting. I love this idea and may have to incorporate it into my home decor!

What are your solutions for soap curing? Baker's Racks, specialty soap curing racks, cardboard boxes? I'd love to know what other soapers do.


  1. Ahaha! This so true! My soaps are all over too! Not to say the oils, colours, moulds... Ans selling soap does not make you rich so the big house will probably remain a dream!

    1. Luckily, I get to write part of the mortgage off our taxes this year!

    2. Luckily, I get to write part of the mortgage off our taxes this year!

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