Thursday, December 26, 2013

Big News!

Bastille Buttermilk Baby Bar!
This is not necessarily soap related, but it has been a very exciting event that has brought our family much joy! Please click on the link below called "Big News" to see how we shared surprise with our kids.

Big News!

In honor of the new baby, I also made a buttermilk "Bastille  Buttermilk Baby Bar." I got the recipe from Bramble Berry. I made 2 variations, one with no scent and one with a scent I love so much! It is the Huggies type Lavender Chamomile fragrance from Bramble Berry. I am so in love with this scent and am considering making a batch for myself. To me, it is such a great scent, even if it is intended for babies.

I plan on having this bar have a nice long cure since it is mostly olive oil, so it will be ready when my baby is born (June 20th or so) Also, since I have so many mommy friends, I am excited to share this bar.

I  have not mixed my own lye water since I found out I was pregnant. I still make soap, but have been very cautious abut the health and safety of my and my little one.

I still am very excited to keep moving ahead with the business. I figure that this is the perfect career for a stay at home Mommy. I do have a slight dilemma though. My company was named after the kids, Leo, the Lion and Somerset Rose, thus "Lion and Rose." I don't want to rename the business, but how can I make the new baby feel included?

Sunday, December 15, 2013


Ok, so now that the holiday soap selling season is over, I am thinking of new ways to keep my soap business thriving. I want to generate enough business to help with family finances. I have never owned a business, so this is all new, and a bit scary to me. I really don't know what to do next (help!). My Etsy shop has not been a big revenue generator. I know that many soap makers do well on Etsy, so maybe I should try to tap into that market. I feel lost in the huge Etsy sea of sellers!

Wholesale accounts would be good too. I am so clueless about how to do all this though! I have been blessed with how well things have been going, and I know that a lot of it is because I have worked very hard to learn my craft and have sought out local bazaars and markets.

So you may be wondering what the "Oops" photo is all about. Well, it is 2-fold. First it represents how I feel currently. "Oops! What do I do now?" I feel so lost and clueless. "Oops" is also a new listing that I have on Etsy for soap that I am selling at a highly discounted rate. This "Oops" soap is great, it just isn't as perfect as I would have liked.

If you have any advice on what steps I should take next to cultivate this small business, I am all ears!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's Over!

Months of preparation and my Christmas soap selling events are finally over! What a great season it was too. It so so tricky trying to plan how much inventory to make since there are no last minute soap making opportunities, but I think I did a good job. I still have soap left, but this means I can be very generous with gifts and donations.

After making soap everyday, I took a month hiatus to work on packaging and selling. I am now ready to start making soap again for spring. It has been too long!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beer Soap!!!

Who new my most popular soap would be beer soap? It sells so well and I have now been featured in a local brewing amazing as a great gift for beer!

I am also now selling my beer soap at a local home brew shop that my husband Joe frequents called Above the Rest.

Well, I think I know what soap to make next!!!