Saturday, May 25, 2013

I'm Still Here

Lily of the Valley

Magnolia and Orange Blossom


Lavender Mint

South Beach

Peonies and Possibilities

I have been keeping very busy. We had a computer malfunction, that caused me to lose all my soap art (boo), including my logo, labels, business card etc. I also no longer have Photoshop, so my photos will never be edited it any way. What you see is what you get! I am way behind on the blog, taking photos etc, but have been focusing on getting ready for the farmer's market. I have been making soap like crazy, packaging, making a tablecloth with my sister. It really is a lot to take on, but it is my passion.

I have noticed that my customers usually focus on the scent 90% of the time. Sometimes they will say a bar is pretty, or that they like my packaging, but the scent is what sells them and since I am in the business of selling, I try to find the best scents. Trying new scents can lead to disasters and frustrations, but I love when I find a winner. I made a chai tea soap yesterday and I must have picked up some of the scent because everyone ay work was drooling over the way I smelled. I think this might be a hit!

I love Brambleberry. Anne Marie, who is the owner, is such an inspiration to me. I buy from her often. I also have had good luck with Nature's Garden and I just placed am order with Oregon Trails, because I love to support local (reputable) businesses when possible. Reputation is so important with fragrance oils. I waste time and money when I buy a scent that backfires on me.

Peonie and Possiblilities, the shop that sells my soap, has done really well. It is a small, charming gift shop. Pam has averaged selling about 10 bars a month, which is great! I think once foot traffic increases, she will sell even more. I love this shop!!!

This month has been a sad one. Things don't always go your way, but soap making can be very therapeutic. I made a tribute soap. I won't go into the details, but it helped me work through some feelings. I am hoping that the upcoming months bring some joy and comfort.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your computer crashed, I know how frustrating that can be. I hope you can get everything up and running again soon. I'm totally loving your soaps, and the colors in the South Beach soap are so summery and bright! =)

  2. Loving your soaps! I highly admire Anne Marie too and BB has the best customer service in the world!