Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bramble Berry's Soap Crafting Kit Arrived!!!

Today is a happy day! Recently, I was approached about being a guest blogger to help promote Anne-Marie Faiola's, new book called Soap Crafting. Of course I said yes....sign me up! I was thrilled beyond belief! I was goibng to buy the book anyway, to be a part of the promotion is such an honor.

Today, as the kids  and I were about to leave the house, their was a Bramble Berry box waiting for me! Receiving a Bramble Berry box is like Christmas for me. I opened the box and found the kit I needed to make the Calendula Cleansing Bar. The kit was perfectly packaged and had everything imaginable needed to make the soap.

Currently, I am infusing my sweet almond oil with calendula petals. Can you tell I am excited? I couldn't even wait a day to get started! Joe warned me that I better not make the soap before he gets home because he wants to take photos. What a guy! Photos and a new blog post to follow soon!


  1. Hooray, so glad you received your box! Please be sure to let me know what you think, and happy soaping =)