Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Girls!

My, a lot happens when you are in a family with 2 young children. For one, you let the blog slide! I really must not let that happen! So much has happened in the last few months! Somerset turned 3, My sister and Martin had baby Aria and we are busy with life in general.

Somerset's birthday was a blast. This was probably the last year we were able to keep this an all family affair. Grandma Laurel came to visit and Uncle Aaron came down for the day, so Somerset was surrounded by family! The day was all about her. We took her to the park in the morning where she collected acorns and played, next we took her to the Children's Museum where she ate a cookie the size of her head. In the evening, everyone went to Papa's Pizza, where she felt like princess and thoroughly enjoyed all the rides, pizza and attention. At home, we had a few neighbors over, amongst family and she had ice cream cake (she tried to blow out the candles with her new toy hair dryer...clever girl).

The party was a My Little Pony extravaganza! She has more ponies and pony accessories than she knows what to do with, but even a month later, the ponies still get their fair share of play.

It is wonderful to have a three year old. My Somerset is so sweet and sassy. She is the sunshine that brightens all of our days. She is funny and smart, and just about the prettiest little thing I have ever seen. I am completely in love with my little girl.

Speaking of little girls, another little girl has come into our lives! Aria Reine was born 3 weeks early! She came while me, the kids and my mom were in Vegas visiting with my Grandma and Uncle, so we missed her birth.

She stayed in the NICU 2 weeks, but she is home now and is as cute as can be, an such a good baby too!

Leo is going to be tested for TAG (Talented and Gifted). We knew this would come some day. He is so far beyond his age academically; he amazes Joe and I daily! He started doing square roots and he is practically reading now. He is crazy gifted and we  are so proud of him.

I am fully immersed in holiday bazaar season. I am so busy, but it is fun! I am starting to build some money back into the soap account...yeah! Next year I plan to try to get some wholesale accounts.

Ok, that is the briefest synopsis ever! I will try harder to be more diligent!

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