Wednesday, February 11, 2015

PDX Carpet Soap

Have you heard of the term "Keep Portland Weird?" Perhaps you have seen Portlandia. Well, your perceptions about Portland, OR are probably pretty accurate. When PDX International Airport announced that the carpet was to be replaced, Oregonians flipped out! This carpet is iconic and the source of many shoe selfies. Now the carpet is being auctioned off and will sell for tons and there is even a Facebook page dedicated to the beloved carpet.

When I asked my Lion and Rose FB Community if they would be interested in a soap reminiscent of the carpet, the response was overwhelmingly positive. So here you have it, my interpretation of the Famous PDX carpet, in soap form. Unlike real carpet in high traffic areas, my soap actually smells good, like green tea and cucumbers!

R.I.P. PDX Carpet, I am sure you will have a second life in a hipster bar! 


  1. Your soap is so fabulous. I bet you will sell out immediately. Glad you soap smells like green tea & cucumbers, instead of actual carpet =)

  2. Thanks Anne Marie! I fell in love with this scent from BB. I asked for a few samples of spa-like scents and this was my favorite. It is amazing!!!

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