Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Bramble Berry's Pure Soapmaking

Chamomile Infused Olive Oil

Ready to make soap!

This soap is so creamy and beautiful! I can't wait to unmold!
I have been eagerly awaiting Anne- Marie Faiola's newest soap making book Pure Soapmaking for quite some time. It just so happens that I have been wanting to add a new collection to my current line of soaps that are colored with natural colorants and use only essential oils, so this book is a Godsend to me.

In Oregon, there are many soap makers that make all natural, rustic "hippie" soaps. I love these soaps, but I have always loved the advanced soap making techniques that often involve the use of bright pops of color. I am often told by customers that my soaps are "too pretty to use," and honestly, creating something  beautiful and useful is one of my driving forces and a component of soap making that ignites my passion.

That said, I have a few plain Jane bars that sell really well for me, especially at the farmer's market. My Peppermint Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Oatmeal, Milk and Honey are great sellers,and are beautiful in their simplicity and purity, but I am looking to create bars that are not only natural, but beautiful.

This is where Pure Soapmaking comes into play. This gorgeous book is filled with over 200 pages of information and recipes that are perfect for my new journey down the all-natural path. These recipes use essential oils and natural colorants, It is perfect for the beginning soap maker, or the advanced maker who is craving an artistic challenge.,

The bar that I chose to make is the Oatmeal Soap for Babies. Why? Well, I have 3 babies, aging from 7 years-old - 19 months. I also have many mommy friends who want a gentle bar for their children, some of whom have skin sensitivities. I also have quite a few customers who are allergic to scented products. About 99% of the time, these customers will buy a scent-free, gentle bar if presented with the option.

The Oatmeal Soap for Babies was extremely easy to make. I don't want to give away all the details (you must get this book!), The bar is primarily olive oil, which is infused with chamomile. In addition, there is the addition of shea butter,for moisture, castor oil for bubbles, along with skin loving bentonite clay and colloidal oatmeal. I love the addition of the Chamomile infused oil, bentonite clay and colloidal oatmeal. These extra ingredients not only make a better bar of soap, but may distinguish my soap from other baby bars. I can't wait to try it out on the kids!

For the next few weeks, I have a standing night-time date with Anne-Marie and her new book! I will post the results from all the new recipes I make. If you like all natural soap making, but still want to incorporate special techniques that will set your soap a part from the rest, this book is for you!

These are the test subjects! They love bathing and Mommy's soap!


  1. This soap sounds so delicious! I was looking for an autumn berry-like scent to make in a cute new soap making mold I bought from http://www.bulkapothecary.com/categories/soap-making-supplies.html to hand out to neighbors, and I think you may have just given me the exact inspiration I needed! Thank you!

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