Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year, New Soaps

Spearmint Eucalyptus Soap

Calendula Sunshine Soap

Amaretto Creme

Amaretto Creme

Citrus Bar
Happy 2013! I am really hoping this will be an amazing year. This year is off to a rough start for the Morris family, but I are so grateful for all our blessings. I have 2 amazingly smart and beautiful children and a loving and supportive husband, who also happens to be super cute and funny too.

I have started the new year making some soap as well. I have made some basics since I am out of colorants, but to be honest, most Oregonians like things "crunchy and natural," so I am taking this opportunity to use all natural ingredients. I made an all natural bar using spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils and coloring with ground parsley leaves for a color swirl. It smells divine!

I also made a bar with calendula petals. It looks too natural for my taste, as does the bar I made with orange, lemon and clary sage essential oils. It smells great, but looks almost too organic! Oregonians won't mind! In fact, they prefer a bar that looks this way, but I prefer a more polished bar.

I have to admit that I am in love with the Amaretto Creme bar. I accidentally used Macadamia Nut Oil instead of olive oil. I checked my soap recipe calculations after making this mistake, and it seems as though the bar will be fantastic, but this was a very expensive mistake to make as mac nut oil is a luxury oil and quite expensive.

I am eagerly awaiting a new order from Bramble Berry. They are now offering new natural Brazilian clays which I am so excited to try. Their fragrance called Sleigh Ride is also on super clearance. I combined Sleigh Ride with Almond fragrance oil to create one of my top sellers at the Christmas bazaar: Almond Cookie. I am also eager to make my other top seller again: a combo of Lavender Green Tea and Sensuous Sandalwood. I am eager to see if I can duplicate the same bars again. They were my favorite and I miss them!

I am including a few photos of my beloved family, who inspire me everyday. I love you guys!

Next post will feature my beer soaps!
My sweet Somerset Rose was sitting in my lap when I wrote this post. She asked me to take her photo, and here it is!

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