Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some New Soaps and Some Tried and True Favorites!

Almond Cookie

Green Tea and Lavender

Apple Rose (New and so feminine)

Spearmint Eucalyptus (Bath and Body Works Type) Smells very manly!

Beer Soap with ground hops.

Magnolia and Orange Blossom. Is that a giant orange in the center? Nope, just partial gel phase was reached, but I think it adds to the beauty!
Back to more soap making. I have been having a blast making new soaps. I am trying to replenish stock rapidly so I can reopen my Etsy shop. I should have the shop up in running in about a month....darn curing time!

I have tried some new recipes, and materials, which is fun and frustrating. Some fragrance oils just don't behave! This wastes time and resources and can be heart breaking! I have learned how important it is to use reputable distributors who sell fragrance oils that have loads of reviews so you know what to expect. I like to be prepared and know what I am in for when I am making a soap......no seizing please! Also, I am not a fan of fragrance oils that turn my soap brown either!

Also, as you can see by the last photo I posted, my soap partially gelled. I actually like the result, but I know that soap makers know what really happened.

I have made a few soaps with beer recently. My husband Joe is a home brewer, so he was quite interested in this process. He provided me with some beer and ground hops. It was fun to make, but that soap heated up very fast. Even throwing it in the freezer did not stop in from going through gel phase. I am happy to report that I think this will be a lovely soap.

I have also started duplicating my favorite recipes from the past. I have selected soaps that were universally loved, so these will be my staples. They are: Almond Cookie, Green Tea and Lavender, Minty Fresh and Good Day Sunshine. I am pleased that I have been able to recreate them successfully.


  1. All lovely soaps, but I'm really loving the Apple Rose, it's gorgeous! =)

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