Thursday, April 25, 2013

Divine Intervention

So I started to make soap the other day after a bit of a hiatus. I had just received some new fragrance oils and was eager to start making soap again. I had my lye water, and my oils were mixed. Everything was at just the right temperature. I was armed with my gloves and goggles, and pressed the start button on my stick blender. I think you know where this is going. My stick blender was broken and no amount of fussing would fix it! My kind and supportive husband ran to the Goodwill, but there were no stick blenders to save the day.

Well, I wasn't going to give up, so I rolled up my sleeves and started to hand stir with my whisk. Luckily, it didn't take as long as I anticipated and the rose scented soap I made seems to have turned out great!

Today, the family and I were on a mission... to find mommy a stick blender! Everyone wanted to prevent soap making mommy's withdrawals. We hit up 3 thrift stores with no luck, Craig's List was also a bust.

I have run my new soap business very conservatively. I never spend money from my family's account and unfortunately, my soap account is almost empty. I am prepping for the market and Peonies and Possibilities, so I know money will come, but I need to be smart and responsible.

As a last reort, we checked out Bed Bath and Beyond. As I pulled into the parking lot, I spotted what looked like a bill. I cried, "Joe, I think that's money!" There was no one in sight and the lot was empty, so there was no one to claim it. It turned out to be a $20 bill! I went into the store and found that there was 1 clearanced Cuuisart stick blender, and if I went home to get my coupon, it would cost me exactly $20! After Somerset was tucked in, I went back to the store and they offered me a 10% discount because it was a floor model, so it actually cost me less than $20!

I think at times we experience divine intervention. I have been so responsible and have worked so hard to cultivate this business. The stick blender breaking was a small road block, but I feel like I was handling it the best way I could. I didn't rush out and impulsively buy a replacement. I searched high and low for a good deal and then, when that didn't pan out, a $20 floated in my path, with just the right deal on the product I needed...and there was only one left!!!

I love this blender, I think she needs a name. I used her for the first time tonight, and it was an amazing experience. The soap I made turned out great too!!! God is good!

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