Thursday, April 18, 2013

Farmer's Market!!!

My booth banner!
I want to make these to sell as gift bags!

Hello all! I have been bust prepping for my first farmer's market! Lake Oswego, a beautiful community, accepted me into their farmer's market on the dates of June 29 and July 13. I am so thrilled for this opportunity! I had a banner made, bought my own table and shoebox crates (I had borrowed many supplies before). I also plan to make a custom tablecloth out of burlap and of course, many soaps have been made!

I feel I have a good handle on the soap making, I have a recipe that works every time and I have chosen not to let my soap gel. For non soap makers, this means that I slow down the reaction between the alkaline solution and the oils, so that the soap does not get super hot and go into a gel like phase. I do this by putting my soap in the freezer after I make it and keeping it there for 12-24 hours. So far I have had success every time.Not gelling the soap make the cure time a bit longer, but I love the creaminess of the bars.

I have also purchased a bunch of new fragrance oils....yeah for summer scents! I am going to add more florals to my collection because I know how some people adore those. I am finally adding a rose scent to my collection...duh, I am Lion and Rose Handmade soap! I have never been a fan of rose scents, but I am aiming to have a rose scent that is like freah cut roses and not a purfumey rose.

I will be busy the next few months with soap making, and booth prep. I would also love to make burlap/lace gift bags for the booth. I think I could charge a couple bucks as an add on. Aren't they cute? I should probably learn to sew. It's a good thing I have a very talented seamstress in the family, my sister Tiffany!

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