Monday, September 2, 2013

And the Winner Is!!!!

The winner of the Soap Crafting Book Entry
and Calendula Cleansing Bar are:

1st place and Winner of Soap Crafting: Distracted Housewife
2nd place and Winner of a bar Calendula Cleansing Bar Soap: Jennifer Smith
3rd place and Winner of a bar Calendula Cleansing Bar Soap: Sonoran Scents

This little girl likes to read Soap Crafting too!

Lavender Green Tea

Head in the Clouds, Scented with Fresh Snow fragrance oil.

Fun with Soap Balls

My Cute Husband!

Fun in the Sun!

It's Fun to be a KID!
Picking Daddy's Hops!
Hop Picker!

Ready for Kindergarten!

My family is very important to me, so I like to interweave photos of them in my blog. They inspire me daily! 

I guess we are a real d.i.y. family. My husband is a homebrewer, who also grows hops! Today was harvest day, and the kids were super excited to help Daddy pick Hops. 

I continue to make soap daily, hoping that all the holiday bazaars I have signed up for pay off. It is so tricky trying to figure out how much to make!

The big news is that my first born, the boy that made me a Mommy, is starting kindergarten! I am so proud of him!

Once again, congrats to the winners, and all the others who participated in this contest. It has been a delight! Thanks to Bramble Berry, for allowing me to make this awesome soap and help promote the new book.


  1. You have beautiful children! Hope your eldest enjoys Kindergarten.

    I love the lavender green tea soap - the top swirl looks so creamy! I got my copy of Soapcrafting from Amazon over the weekend and there's loads in there that I want to try - just need to find the time. I'm in the same position as you with regards to the markets - busy buys soapmaking. I've got three a month lined up, with the first one this Saturday - it's so difficult to know how much to make/take. I guess that'll come with time!

  2. I really appreciate the opportunity to participate in your contest (and win a bar of soap!). I love how the Calendula Cleansing Bar looks and am anxious to use it. I know it's going to be a winner! Good luck to all of you on your up-coming markets. In our area (Tucson, AZ), we have lots of Snow Birds arriving next month so expect to see sales rise. It is difficult to know how much of each scent/design to have on hand ...

    1. I sent the var out last week. Let me know what you think when you get it. Thanks for participating!