Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Love

My Beautiful New Soap Cutter (Angel's sing!)

My Primitive Cutter (YUCK!)

Lemongrass Lavender

Fruity Loops
I am in love. I need to clarify. My first loves are my husband and children and then extended family and friends, but close behind is my new soap cutter! I had been hearing the praises about a wonderful wood crafter named Bud Haffner, who sells soap cutters on Etsy. My wonderful husband Joe, who constantly observes how I struggle with my primitive cutter, offered to buy me a "Bud" cutter as a gift... it wasn't even my birthday. He is just that great.

The cutter came in the mail earlier this week and it is the BEST soap making investment I have ever made (although technically, it was Joe's investment). Not only are the bars all consistent in size, the cut of the soap is extremely clean.  Now, I only press down the handle over the loaf, and the cutting is done. What a time saver!!!

I also am posting a few photos of recent soaps. I am also in love with my Lemongrass Lavender soap. It smells so good! I have started making kid friendly soaps too because kids love handmade soap. This one smells just like Fruit a very good way. I get a little crazy with the design because it is suppose to be FUN!

I also updated my Etsy shop. Check it out!
Lion and Rose Handmade Soap Etsy Shop 

On a personal note, My son Leo started Kindergarten this week. He also read The Cat in the Hat on his own and learned to ride his bike. What an amazing week for Leo...I am one proud Mommy!


  1. Love the colorful Fruity Loops soap, it really just pops right out!

  2. Oh lucky you! I've been eyeing up a 'Bud' for quite a while - I keep having a sneaky peek on Etsy but I have to be patient - my turn will come lol...
    I know how you feel though - felt much the same (probably) about my new silicone-lined mould. Oh the joy of not having to line :D